Hazy Landscape Walk-Through

Here is a walkthrough of how I made the hazy landscape painting shown below. I hope it proves to be helpful for someone! Click any of the thumbnail images for a larger view.

NOTE: The image is Katherine Dinger. I post the walkthroughs for general reference to give other people a glimpse into how I work, they are NOT here for you to copy! Thank you.

Step 1 - Splotched in areas of color with a soft brush to determine placement:

Step 2 - Went in with a hard edged brush to add details. Basically I just swish-swish-swished a bunch of various green lines over eachother:

Step 3 - Moved onto the middleground area to add detail. Keeping the colors fairly flat and hazy:

Step 4 - Adding smaller details and tweaking reflections:

Step 5 - With a fairly thick brush I lay out the general shape of the tree line. Working from left-to-right I start adding in vague details/cleaning up the shapes:

Step 6 - Working my way down the treeline =)

Step 7 - This shot shows a little better how I cleaned up the shapes before adding in the highlights and shadows:

Step 8 - Almost there!

Step 9 - Paint in the tree. The leaves are basically a bunch of overlapping speckly brushes in various colors:

Finished - Thickened the haze, reduced the saturation a tad and tweaked the reflections some more:

And for fun here's the tweaked sepia style version I did: