Saydonica Walkthrough

A cruel and dangerous woman. Photo reference used. Painted in about 8 hours. Please excuse me for being so vague in the steps. I'm feeling lazy today. ;)

NOTE: The image is Katherine Dinger. I post the walkthroughs for general reference to give other people a glimpse into how I work, they are NOT here for you to copy! Thank you.

Step 1: Blocking in basic shapes and values.

Step 2: Correcting basic anatomic errors, developing the face.

Step 3: Worked in the background, trying to get the atmosphere across.

Step 4: General refinement... mainly the hair.

Step 5: Fixed the left arm.

Step 6: Started playing with the idea of having trees in the foreground, to make the scene more mysterious.

Step 7: Smoothed out a number of areas and fixed up the hand a bit.

Step 8: Painted in the trees and some extra stuff in the background.

Step 9: Complete!