Wolf Walk-Through

Here is a walkthrough of how I made the wolf painting shown below. I hope it proves to be helpful for someone! I ditched the links in this tutorial because they wouldn't work in the last one. So I'm sorry if it takes a little while to download the images. :)

NOTE: The image is Katherine Dinger. I post the walkthroughs for general reference to give other people a glimpse into how I work, they are NOT here for you to copy! Thank you.

Step 1 - VERY rough and VERY ugly sketch (in photoshop) to grab general placement of features:

Step 2 - Start blocking in large areas of color, somewhat determing shadows/highlights at this point:

Step 3 - Adding in smaller details. Individual hairs, stains on the teeth, "spokes" in the iris of the eye:

Step 4 - Continue adding hair...:

Step 5 - ... getting weak... so... many... hairs... Also threw in a bg. Basically some green scribbles with a blur:

Step 6 - Just a little further a long, slowly working my way outward:

Step 7 - Getting bored yet?

Step 8 - Finally getting to his back ^_^ :

Finished - Got too tired to continue. Saved it, cropped it, called it done. Hehehe.... :